A very wise person once said to me “Every girl deserves to be asked” and that has become the sole foundation of – THE PROPOSAL. 

Imagine a world that specializes in happily ever after, where it’s all about your story. We capture that feeling and translate it into an unforgettable experience for your special one & you.

The Concept

A wedding is the most personal affair and we get professional help, a proposal is much the same.

When you’re looking for that extra dash of the – one of a kind special, asking family/friends or browsing online isn’t really helpful. Even imitation requires a certain amount of art & expertise. But, more importantly why imitate when your story is just yours shouldn’t your proposal be tailor-made for you too.

Which brings us to our motto – No two proposals will ever be the same.

The Process

We are a one stop solution for your proposal from the idea, planning & execution to the co-ordination & memories. Just focus on the love, we’re here for everything else.

In the end we believe it’s all about…. Saying YES to LOVE!


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